Welcome to Maverick Pistol Instruction. Maverick Pistol is dedicated to providing reality based, student focused, combat proven gun fighting classes. Courses are taught by Juan Cuellar a Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor and NRA Pistol Instructor. We are also proud to announce our new LTC Online Classroom Course during these difficult times to allow you to complete classroom training at your own pace. We can also schedule custom times for LTC Shooting Proficiency Test with Basic Firearm Safety and Marksmanship Instruction if needed.

You will find that our courses are an alternative to the stand and deliver shooting school and the competition based approach to gun fighting . We pride ourselves on being the “non-tactical” gun business where every one from the novice to the new Concealed Carry Permit holder can go to acquire the fundamental knowledge, skills and mindset to employ a handgun.

Our Mission:

To provide quality instruction in the safe use of the pistol. Our courses are designed to instill in our students the necessary knowledge, skill sets and mind set to confidently and safely use a pistol in a personal defense situation.


   Contact: mobile (409) 960-1597       

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